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Fun casino FAQs

What is a fun casino? How does a fun casino work?

The biggest clue is in the name. A fun casino is just for fun. Players will be playing for prizes. Hiring a fun casino is an exciting way of providing  exciting entertainment that gives you an authentic casino experience with all of the fun and none of the risk.

You can hire roulette tables; hire Blackjack tables and 3 card poker tables to name but a few of the most popular casino games. Other casino games include; wheel of fortune, Punto Banco, Craps (Dice), Caribbean stud poker, Tournament poker and many more.

No Gambling takes place and no real money is spent at the fun casino tables. So where is the fun part of a fun casino?  You will be playing to win prizes and even better you can’t lose a penny. You can bet as many chips as you like, see how long you can make your chips last with stealth and strategy or play like a high roller with wild abandon, without breaking the bank. You will be given fun casino money to buy your chips at the fun casino tables. The people with the most winnings at the end of the night are the lucky prize winners.

Hire a Fun Casino for any event

Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve

Christmas and New Year is always without question, one of the few times of the year that we treat ourselves to something extra special with a touch of glamour and sophistication. Black tie and evening dresses, placing your bets at the fun casino tables gives a certain special feel to the festive celebrations. Hiring a fun casino for your Christmas Party will certainly wow your guests



Adding something a little bit different, like a fun casino, can be a great icebreaker for your guests.

Having lots of people who haven’t met before, from different parts of you lives all come together for the first time might feel quite daunting.  Keep them entertained and getting to know each other while they play at the fun casino tables of your choice. Fun casinos at wedding work particularly well during the interlude between the Breakfast and the evening entertainment or as evening entertainment in itself


Charity Balls and Fundraising

If you are organising a grand Charity Ball or any fundraising event, hiring a fun casino is a fun way to raise funds and take donations for you charity as well as being fantastic entertainment for your guests. If your guests have purchased entry tickets this can pay some or all of the cost to hire the fun casino

On the night, you can give your guests a fun Money Voucher on entry. They can use this to exchange for a small amount of casino chips at the fun casino tables to play as a taster. After using their taster chips, they can buy more fun money vouchers (from a designated person) to play at the casino tables. This is where funds are raised for the charity

Prizes are up for grabs (donated by us) for the players who have accumulated the most winnings.  This along with the fun of playing the casino tables is the incentive for your guests to keep buying more vouchers, along with a bit of healthy competition amongst friends.

Players can leave and re-join the fun casino tables as many times as they like with their accumulated fun money during the evening and the croupier will record and keep running totals. Prize winners are announced at the end of the evening

Stag weekends


Black tie events and Proms

Product launches

Corporate events

What size are casino tables

Our tables are all full size. 

Our Blackjack tables are approx  L 5ft 8  D3ft 4

Our Roulette tables are approx    L 8ft     D3ft4  

Our Poker tables are approx        L3ft6    D3ft 4

Our wheel of fortune table is       L 6 ft    D3ft 4 and its wheel is H 7ft  Diam 3ft7

Our Roulette wheels are                2ft 8 in diam

Can I have a fun casino at my house

Yes! of course. We operate lots of fun casinos in customer's homes. Birthday Parties, Engagements, New years eve parties, anything you have in mind we have a can do approach. There are few limits to where you can have your fun casino. We need a reasonably flat level floor and enough space for the tables to stand in. Our tables are custom made to be mobile, so small doorways? no problem. Stairs and tight corners? we can do it!

Can fun casino tables be outside


Yes. On a pleasant dry day we can certainly set up outside. The casino tables aren't waterproof, so some provisions would need to be available for protection from the elements. Rain is the biggest concern, so we could operate under a gazebo, but strong winds would also make a card game impossible. If we were rained off the tables can quickly and easily be moved indoors as long as there is space available

How much does a fun casino cost

Our prices start at £175 for 1 table (excluding Friday and Saturday. You can check out a comprehensive list of prices on our offers page.

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