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Hire our mobile Casino Tables for an authentic Casino experience


Blackjack Hire

Blackjack is a great casino classic. You may know it as Pontoon or 21s. We have all played it at some point and loved it. A fun casino Blackjack table is a firm favourite at any event. You are playing to beat the dealer in this exciting card game. Its very easy to learn and great fun to play. 

Hire Blackjack tables from Phoenix fun casino


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Roulette Hire

Hundreds of thousands of pound have been won and lost at Roulette tables all over the world. Now you can play this fast paced,  high excitement game just for the fun of it. You can still play like a high roller. Will you play red or black, odd or even or go for the big win and play numbers straight up for 35/1. What ever way you decide to play, you will all love the thrill of this game.

Hire Roulette tables from Phoenix fun casino


3 Card Poker Hire

Another casino classic. Your event is sure to be a full house with this game. If you don't know your straight from your flush,  no need to worry , our friendly croupiers are on hand to teach you how to play.

Hire 3 card poker tables from Phoenix fun casino


 Wheel of fortune Hire

Its loud, its proud, it's going to please the crowd

The easiest of all the games to play. Very popular with younger guests, This really gets the crowd going. You just cant help cheering the wheel to stop on your winning bet. This game is definitely all fun and no skill needed.

Hire wheel of fortune from Phoenix fun casino

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